Horai Restaurant – Far East taste


Born from passion for culinary Far East where dish serving art love is as important as its taste, freshness – stands out with amazing beauty,  how different from other places where sushi is only a product and a point of departure to business and not art.

Located by Wolnica Square in Cracow – it is its centre and a vein of oriental mystery. HoraiMountain is an ancient land of happiness. There grows a golden tree with silver roots.  Horai Restaurant is a land of tastiness.  There cook chefs loving their trade.  Whereas most of working in Poland slant-eyed  chefs followed completely other professions in their countries and did not even have an opportunity  to cook, chefs from Horai Restaurants worked many years in restaurants in China or  Thailand and have an orthodox attitude to a frying pan.

The choice here is very difficult because many goodies tempt. There are excellent coconut milk and lemon grass Thai soups, green or red curry meat burning a palate, classical Pad Thai, that is  rice noodles fried with meat. It is also worth trying  a splendid nut sauce which is served here to original satay shashliks and also to crispy  shrimp chips.

We also have short but succinct  menu  completely devoted to dishes from Cantonese grill. This worthy Chinese technique of  treatment of meat which is roasted from the outside and at the same time boiled from the inside, constitutes an innovation in Polish gastronomy. I guarantee that the taste and texture of the duck served here transcend all my foregoing experience with dishes prepared from this bird. And it is beseemed to take a bite of awesome ribs and peachy bacon.

A visit here is also an opportunity of exotic alcohols tasting. There is Chinese vodka, sake, plum wine and lichee fruit wine, Chinese, Thai and Japanese beer.