about us

Welcome in a land of horai

And this is, what it is said about this land in Chinese books from those years:

“To horai, neither death, nor pain has an access, the winter isn’t known there. Flowers are not wilting, fruits are not falling down, and the one who only taste the fruit, will not starve or thirst ever again…”

Hearn Lafcadio – Kwaidan.
Unusual tales

Horai restaurant, born from deep passion to far east cuisine, where an art of serving a dish is as much important as a taste itself, a freshness – this is what define us, different that in other places where the sushi is only a product, not an art.

the best quality

Fresh ingredients, original taste of Asia

Horai restaurant is a land of a deliciousness. We’re serving you a taste of Asia since 2006, still searching for new tastes and inspirations. Our cooks prepare your food with passion, and respect for the ingredients. Our staff has been trained in China and Thailand how to deal with a pan.

A choice in Horai isn’t an easy thing, because we have a lot of great, temping treats. We have delicious Thai soup based on a coconut milk and lemon grass, fire in your throat with our tender meats in green or red curry, classic Pad Thai – rice noodle fried with meat. You should also try our perfect nut sauce which is served to satay skewer and crispy shrimp crisps.


Hosomaki, Sashimi, Nigiri, Ura-Futomaki, Uramaki, Oshi Zushi, Futomaki…. – all are delicious


For a good beginning, we invite you to the land of Asian treats


Delicious, aromatic soups for demanding guests: Thai, Chinese, Korean, Philippine. Traditional recipe and original ingredients.

Main dishes

One of a kind, culinary adventures over Asian specialities: poultry, beef, pork, fishes and sea food.

Canton Grill

One of a kind, culinary adventures over Asian specialities: poultry, beef, pork, fishes and sea food.


Asian sweet specialities, beautifully served, will surprise your palate.


What people say about us

“Bardzo sympatyczne miejsce.”

“Very good cuisine, we’ve tried fried noodle Pad Thai, soups, dumplings and salad with plum sauce. Very kind service, perfect place for rest for a while during sightseeing (especially in 30 degrees sunny weather)”



“Beef with lemon grass, green curry, Pad Thai, true masterpieces, you have to go there, drive, even run :)”

Wojtek D

“The best sushi in Lesser Poland.

“We’ve spent a lovely and delicious evening in Horai with friends, I haven’t eaten a better sushi in Kraków, and a Galangan soup is a world record. Kind and fast service, for sure we will visit this place more than once again. Place worth visiting!”


„The best Pad Thai in town”

“Very good atmosphere and service. Thai dishes at the highest level. Totally recommend.”


We are open for you

Monday – Thursday 
12:00 – 22:00

Friday – Saturday
12:00 – 23:00

12:00 – 22:00

Kraków, Plac Wolnica 4

tel. 501 125 371
e-mail: horai@horairestaurant.pl